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Steel Vine GP, LLC Offering Information to Accredited Investors About Investing with Spencer Patton in a Fund Devoted to Selling Distant, Out-Of-The-Money Options on Commodities, Stocks, Currencies, Futures, and ETFs
Bitcoin Bonanza or Bust

Fox Business Video -
No Stopping the Bulls
Fox Business Video -
Cashing in on President Obama
Steel Vine Investments CIO Spencer Patton on investing for the next 4 years.
Fox Business Video -
Setting Facebook Free
Steel Vine Investments CIO Spencer Patton on investing in comodities.
Fox Business Video -
Are Markets Prepping for Bull-Run or Correction?
Steel Vine GP Founder Spencer Patton debates on the Greek debt crisis and the end of QE2’s impact on the markets.
Fox Business Video -
Are Municipal Bonds a Buy?
Steel Vine GP, LLC CIO Spencer Paton debates whether municipal bonds are a good investment.
Fox Business Video -
Cocoa Bounces to a Five-Week High
Futures Jump 3.2% as Data Show Fall in Demand Less Severe Than Expected
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